When you partner with RGA Financial Solutions, you get:

Passion for Small Companies

Small growing organizations are nimble, they focus on what really matters, they have passion around their purpose and are energized for growth. Small growing companies also require discipline and focus. We not only appreciate all of this, we thrive on it.

Flexibility & The Ability to Provide Creative Solutions

Every organization and growth stage is different. Each organization and each place, needs change to evolve. We work with you to ensure you have a solution that works to meet your exact needs.

Industry Experience

We understand the complexities and nuances of Home Care, Professional Services and Hi- Tech organizations. Collectively, we have spent decades implementing industry specific software and accounting requirements. Also, advising our senior management teams on how to understand the financial metrics to run their organizations. Because of this, we know what questions to ask to advance your organization in these industries and implement best practices.

Synergistic Teams

The accounting and finance function offers a variety of services that require a plethora of skill and experience. Our approach properly matches the right member with the right task. Consider us your part time accounting and finance team. You are not just getting what one resource can accomplish, you are getting a full accounting function.